Pro Myths Resolved with Manhead


When Tingley’s finest, Joshua Young finally got his name on the bottom of a Unabomber board, we knew that it was the right time to capitalise on his newly discovered wisdom and ask him to answer all the nagging questions we’ve always wondered about being a Professional Skateboarder but couldnt ever find out…

So here we have Pro Myths Resolved with Manhead:

Now you’re pro are any of these true and if so what are the consequences:

You get more pussy?

I don’t think having a boards really helped me get more girls and I’m no Casanova. Think I should have words with Doctor Cundall.

Prohead at the UKSA Mini Ramp Champs 2010 Photo: Jerome

No, I’m not loaded and I don’t get paid tons so Powley is still getting beers in for the record [laughs]

People think you’re cool?

This wasn’t an issue before I got it, I’ve always been a slick bastard [laughs]

You get recognised in public loads?

No thankfully

You’re hip deep in groupies and randy fans?

I don’t personally but ask Jake Collins, he does…

You get maximum respect from your peers and people look up to you?

I guess I do to some kids some where, but even still people don’t hesitate rip me which is good.

People have stopped calling you Manhead and refer to you as Josh?

A few people have taken it upon themselves but the majority of people still call me Manhead and a million other variations based on it.

People listen to what you have to say more?

No I still get ignored and told to shut up, this is probably because I talk nonsense a lot of the time.

So there you have it, if you have a burning question about being a professional skateboarder that you need answering, please send them into Manhead and he’ll be sure to get right onto them…


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