Do You Remember The First Time? Tez


The latest installment of our First Time Interviews is brought to you by Superdead Skateboards co-conspiritor Tez Robinson…

First time you were aware of skateboarding?

All the kids on our estate started getting the little banana boards and we’d just butt board some hills then progressed to catermerans….. there should be more sitting down in skateboarding these days I believe.

First Skate video you saw?

Santa Cruz, Wheels of Fire

First Pro board?

BBC Jeff Phillips Street Model, blue Ventures, black Gbones. Got a classy picture of me hugging it on Christmas Day somewhere.

First Skateboard hero?

Danny fucking Way

First skate trip?

Shrewsbury missions to Monkmoor, I swear I’m still mentally scarred from some of the antics from Percy Throughers camp site. Big Woody tut tut, [laughs]

First bad slam/injury?

Just repeatedly messing up my wrist’s, the good ol’ scaphoid’s.

First booze related mishap?

I think it was some home made red wine that my mate’s mum had concocted, I just remember it tasting like Ribena so I got a bit too into it which lead me to spend all night shouting at Huey down the big white telephone.

First album owned?

A Third Bass Cactus album that I had to have my mum come and help me buy because of the ‘parental advisory’ sticker.

First concert you went to?

Can you class a rave as a concert? If so then going getting messy down at Bowlers with Wingy, Pete Mc and the rest of the 113 posse. Being only 15/16 at the time it was one hell of an eye opener I can tell you!

First fight?

I’m a lover not a fighter…

First memory?

Being woken up with a startle when I’d slept walked into my sisters bedroom and pissed in her desk.

First thing you’d do if you knew the end of the world was coming soon?

Put the kettle on!

Photos courtesy of our favourite Irish ginger Photographer, Jerome Loughran, some answers allegedly plagiarised from our favourirte Cumbrian Tea worrier Joxa


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