Who The Fuck Is Joe Howard?


How many times have you sat there and wondered to yourself “Who the fuck is Joe Howard?” Well lucky for you we found him and asked him so you don’t have to keep wondering…

Interview: Tom Bramley All Photos Credited Video: Rayner

So who the fuck are you?
I’m Joe fucking Howard, I go to art college but I don’t dress like Garry Glitter, I’m 18, shit at skateboarding and I’m from fucking Yorkshire.

Where the fuck in fucking Yorkshire are you from and where do you like to skate?
I was born in fucking Dewsbury which is a shit hole, and I advise you to never go there. I’ve grown up in quite a few places but for the last 10 years Heckmondwike, which is a small boring town near Leeds. Rye ‘Corpse Hands’ Gray also grew up here.

How fucking long have you been skating?
I’ve been skating for about 5 or 6 years I think, I bought a board off a car boot sale and have been addicted to it ever since, it’s what keeps me going.

5 years? So why can you not kickflip still?
I prefer watching that shit, I’d rather carve a pool and cruise round

What fuckers do you skate with?
All my homies from Leeds, get ready for the name drops: Martyn Hill, Jordan, Serious Sam, Chippy, Paul Lovely Man Graham, he takes nice photos, but most recently on my own cause every cunt is so fucking lazy. I chill a lot at [Lee] Rozee’ss house, it’s real rad if you wanna learn anything about skateboarding. His house is the place to be as it’s got pretty much every issue of Thrasher and most skate videos to get you hyped. It’s amazing, I’m suprised he puts up with us being there all the time [laughs]

You mentioned Rozzee’s videos collection, what are some of your favourites? Who are your all time favourtie skaters?
I’ve been really into 80’s vert lately which sucks because there’s no vert ramps to skate around here. As far as skateboarders, it’s gotta be Craig Johnson, Rob Mertz and all the dudes from the Zorlac video, also Todd Congelliere, Gator, Bill Danforth, Jason Jesse, Duane Peters, Grosso, the list goes on…

That explains why all your tricks involve going upside down or putting your foot on stuff, what the fuck is your favourite trick to do and what’s the one trick you wish you could do?
I know I suck, I can’t do a trick without using my hands, but as far as a favourite trick I don’t know, the best feeling trick to do at the moment is probably backside airs, they’re fun, I really want to stall my invert this year, I might have to start benchpressing I’m weak as fuck.

Who the fuck sponsors you?
Scalamere’s company Haunting Skateboards which is a UK company started a few years back, new website and that when he can be bothered, it’s only taken about 3 years so far, the useless helmet…

What have you got planned for the next few fucking months?
Hmmm I don’t know, I hope it gets warmer, I want to quit work and college and just skate but can’t, it sucks. I think we are going to Malmo, maybe get on a few road trips in the UK this year, have lots of fun, piss lots of southern gypsys off, I got hella hob nobs ready.

Explain the fucking Hobnob story…
Well… this fuckin’ long haired dude couldn’t take the fact I like to express my love for Hobnobs a little too much, after I accidently launched one out of my rocket palm into his greasy wig out of the auto mobile, he ran sonic speed with back up shaking the window whislt dishing out 3rd degree chicken burns to Scalamere, the pussy… ps. sorry Scal, if I was hard I would have put him under

Anything else you want to add or anyone you want to thank or whatever it is they usually do in these things?
Erm I want to thank myself for keeping sane, also Haunting for nice skateboard things, the guys who run this site [you're welcome - BDF], GOD for being a cunt, anyone else who keeps skateboarding to its roots. Actually, I take that back, I love God, I don’t want to go to hell

You stupid mosher


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