Who the Fuck is Jirka Bulin?


Vans UK and Superdead have both just picked up Czech Ripper Jirka Bulin. Who in his few short weeks in the country has managed to get tear the arse out of every park he’s been to and managed to get a hold of some old birds thripennies, with photographic evidence no less (see below). We had a little chat to see what was going on…

So Jirka, do you think its ok for you to be coming over here from the Czech Republic taking all our sponsorships?

[Laughs] Why not? I just came here and all I did is skateboard and didnt ask for anything. Now I have everthing!

How exactly did you get on Vans & Superdead?

I was skint, my shoes and board were fucked and you said that maybe I could get some sponsors. And you did it!

What do you think about your new team managers?

You’re a mate so it’s the best thing and Powley I dont know him yet so its a bit crazy innit. Does he have chode?

Have you met any of the team yet?

Yeah I’ve met Ben Rowles, Awadh Mohamed, Chris Barrett, Nick Remon, Harry Lintell and Andy Scott. They are beautiful human beings.

How is it skating over here in England?

It’s much more street than in Czech because some Czech people are lazy. In my town they are the laziest people! In England people like looking for new spots to skate. In Manchester it is a good group but I can’t say about the rest of England yet.

Now that you’re riding for an English brand you’ll be expected to adopt certain English attributes that you’ll need to master to become a household name over here, so we’ll do a quick check to make sure you’re up to speed: has Tez taught you how to make a proper brew yet?

I live with Stu Reynolds but he does not drink tea because he’s an old puff and he told me he doesnt like warm water in his mouth.

Can you complain non stop about the weather and or your knees?

Yeah I can complain because it’s so wet here but back home there is no indoor skateparks. Two days ago I hurt myself because I flew from the stairs straight on my back because I didn’t think about the trick I tried to do. And now I’m happy I can do an ollie on the flat. It’s not so bad now, but shit. My knees are absolutley alright!

Have you learnt how to queue up properly?

I don’t know what is queue up?

Have you been to a sex shop with Eddie?

No! But now I want to, I dont care who with.

Have you had to wipe dogshit off your griptape?

Not in England. Of course in Czech its happened.

Can you hang out of a car window at traffic lights and shout offensive borderline harassing chat up lines at girls? if so, whats your favorite?

Show me your tits! Rape me!

Have you had any pork scratchings?

Yeah I’ve had them and they’re the most disgusting thing I have ever tried! Fuckin hell it was so hard, I never want to try again. In Czech it’s the worst shit ever.

What would you like to say to both of the writers tailblock readers?

Peace, love and skateboarding. And shagging!!! [laughs]

Check out Jirka and other Superdead Humans skating the new Maverick Park in Halton.

Halton Skatepark Edit from Maverick Skateparks on Vimeo.


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