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Mark Munson is someone that everyone should hang out with at least once. For those that havent had the pleasure of experiencing a session with Munson, it’s very difficult to summarize exactly why you should want to hang out with him, but anyone that has, knows. If you’ve heard him scream some of the funniest obscenities you’ll attest he is definitely one of the more interesting characters in skating, the kind that everyone agrees skateboarding needs more of. I have witnessed Munson standing by the side of a bowl while a kid was reeling off a list of technical tricks that would put Darkstar to shame and instead of the usual encouragement you would expect, Munson decided to shout “It’s not a fucking miniramp you cunt, use the fucking corners.” Which is kind of encouragement coming from Munson. So obviously we had to interview him.

For those who don’t know (and the motivation behind this interview) you recently launched your own fishing clothing brand Diem. I think it would be fair to say that it’s designs are heavily skateboard influenced? Do you think there’s anything from fishing we could use to inspire skateboarding?

Yeah Diem is influenced heavily from the skate and snowboard world for sure! I am not sure about anything related to fishing that could inspire skateboarding though. Skateboarding and fishing have alot of creative people involved in both but I think the creative fishing minds generally focus on trying to bring ideas to catch more fish, whereas the creativity in skating is everywhere from the way kids skate, to art, music and so on. It’s a much wider spectrum.

Do you get the same kind of buzz out of catching a big fish as you would landing a new trick?

Yeah it can be similar, sometimes it takes alot of effort to catch a certain fish you are after, some venues you fish have low stock and maybe one big fish, it can take years of work to end up catching that one fish. Pretty much the same as what you have to go through to put down something gnarly.

Fishing must be quite a bit mellower than skating? I can’t exactly imagine you sitting there shouting “Go on you cunt catch a big fucking fish!” like you might at the average session

[Laughs] Yeah I am a a bit mellower when I fish. That is why its good for me, I get to calm down and also it’s really good for getting over injuries.

I can imagine one of the best things about fishing is that it’s a bit harder to get injured? What’s the worst fishing injury you’ve had or heard of?

I knocked my front teeth backwards whilst fishing with a bungy on my barrow carrying my gear. I just heard a noise while I was pulling it tight and the next thing I knew my front teeth were facing the wrong way and I had a mouth full of blood! Not the best…

Which do you think is the easiest to do whilst drunk?

Fishing is probably less dangerous!

Where’s the best place you’ve travelled for fishing and the best place for skateboarding?

For fishing anywhere is good if you can find somewhere away from other people with good fish to go after, some of the huge French lakes are a major challenge to just find fish let alone catch them. As for skating, Oregon is the best place on earth, cool people, amazing scenery and shit loads of concrete parks! Also as a plus, it does has amazing Sturgeon fishing too!

Backsmith Photo: Jerome (we think)

Everyone knows fishermen are huge story tellers, what’s your best fishing story?

The best one isnt even about fishing, it just happened when I was fishing. Basically this old dude turned up at the lake in a shitty camper van thing and couldn’t get in as the gate was locked. Anyway after lots of shouting back and forth, I went round and let him in, he was about 60 with a Terry Nutkins style bald-top ponytail thing going on. I went back to the other side of the lake and carried on fishing, he kept shouting over asking questions and then said come round for a cup of tea, so I did, thinking at least it will shut him up. So I get round to him and his opening line in the conversation was “Me and the wife love fishing! When we’re not fishing we’re swinging!” [laughs] Then he proceeded to show me a photo on his phone, it turned out to be his missus who was a chinese woman around 60, legs akimbo on the sofa [laughs] then she popped her head round the camper van door and gave me my tea!

Nutkins then came out with his next gem ” She loves dogging!” pointing at his missus, then shouted “You love a bit of dogging dont ya, love?” She replied “Oh yes!” It was getting pretty weird and all I could think about was “What Would Pete King Do?” So I decided to keep him talking [laughs] so the conversation carried on about all things dogging, swinging etc and eventually he told me he was a Shamen (witchdoctor) and his power was being able to make a woman cum without touching her! A Fucking priceless conversation I will never forget!

And to counteract, what’s your favourite skateboard related story?

I skated with Blackwell for years so I have a few! [laughs] Possibly our first trip to Poland with Andy Horsley shooting photos. We came back to the hotel when it was light and Horse was fucking about outside, so I threw his bag out of the window into the street, with his laptop and everything inside. He came running up into the room and retaliated by throwing my bag through the closed window. We went down laughing and picked up everything and I woke up with the Polish guy who arranged the tour standing over me telling me not to move. I was wondering what the fuck was happening and he them removed a 5 inch piece of glass from my neck [laughs] The window Horse smashed must have been on my pillow and I managed to get a lump of glass sticking out of my neck in the 3 hrs sleep we had. After the comp we got chucked out of the hotel and when we asked how much it was for the broken window it worked out about 2quid. We said to the owner he should have told us before we would have smashed all the windows had we known they were that cheap [laughs]

Does fishing attract the same amount of freaks and rejects as skateboarding?

For sure [laughs] actually since starting Diem I’ve met alot of the most well known anglers in Europe, alot of them are not far away from Pro skaters! Useless at life amazing at catching fish!

Diem Angling Clothing and footwear is available from their website and can be found in various other fishing and angling shops up and down the country.


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