Who The Fuck Is Joe O’Donnell?


Some may call me a cynic but when viewing sponsor me tapes I’m always left with a feeling of ’seen it all before’.  Every now and again a guy pops up who understands what it is to ride a skateboard, make it look good, make it look fun and mostly make it interesting.  Joe O’Donnell is ‘that guy’ and you will be seeing plenty more of him.  Welcome to the team Joe – Nic Powley

We decided to interview him. We wanted some pictures but we could only find one of him so we had to burgle the other one from google…

The first question that springs to mind is why the fuck do you live in Milton Keynes?

[laughs] I have been here all my life, sorry I can’t think of an interesting answer.

What the fuck would you do there if you didn’t skate?

Ignorant hood-rat activities. Or just normal stuff, I don’t know what people who don’t skate get up too… tumblr?

Who’s the best fucking skater around MK? Who’s the best up and comer?

Well Sean is an obvious one; he certainly kills it off whenever he’s about. James Bush is one to look out for, he will skate back and forth all day long doing the hardest stuff until it’s consistent and he never loses his patience either, I definitely admire that. Keep your eyes peeled for more coverage from him! Giles Brown seems to have gone on a nutty one lately too, he got the contents page of Sidewalk a few months back which was probably the gnarliest thing I have ever witnessed! He also recently put together a rad scene video called “Yesterday’s Reality” which is worth checking out! The young ones are on the come up too, there’s too many people to name!

How fucking long have you been skating and how come you’re still fairly unknown?

I honestly don’t know, I wish I kept track of it, maybe like 6 or 7 years? The first few years I was sort of on and off until I burst my spleen, I don’t know why that motivated me to skate more.

How fucking stoked are you to have got sponsored by Vans and how did you enjoy your first little trip?

It was really sick to skate some new cities, the DIY spots in Sheffield and Leeds blew my mind! One day I want to get around to building something like that. Everyone was really cool and we got loads of skating done, then we went to a shady pizza place in Manchester and I got robbed by an army of militant twelve year old girls for a slice of pizza…

Which skaters do you rate whose was the last section you saw to make you say ‘fuck’ out loud?

The Gonz has a permanent place in my list of YouTube videos to watch before going for a skate. I’m pretty much down for anyone who skates fast or skates haggard spots.

Why the fuck do you still bother going to school?

I’m finishing in like a week but every now and then I have asked myself the same thing. You have stumped me with that question, some deep thinking time is required…

What’s your favourite use for the work ‘fuck’, mine’s definitely ‘fuck you’. When you think about it it’s one of the most useful words in the English language.

It’s true, you can pretty much convey any meaning with it. I don’t think I have a favourite use for it but it kind of stokes me out when my mum says it, it’s like she used to bottle it all up when my young and fragile mind couldn’t handle it but now I’m old enough to hear such profanities so she will be entirely honest about a stressful situation… sorry mum.

You seem like a pretty nice guy but what’s the most fucked up thing you’ve ever done?

[laughs] When the shop I used to work at closed down they had a bunch of mannequins that they didn’t need so I got to take one home. I chose a medium sized one that didn’t have a head and then covered it in red drippy paint, now I have a bloody decapitated mannequins body under my bed. I guess that is pretty twisted, I don’t know… what does that say about me as a person?

Check out Joe’s Welcome To Vans edit filmed by Giles Brown and head over to Sidewalk for updates on Joe and the rest of the Vans team on this years Big Push…

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