Death Boots Blob Board Review


Death’s latest board for Boots is a collaboration with our almost official resident artist, mug designer and Earth Pain head honcho Mr Sam Taylor who provided the graphics for Boot’s second pro model, available right bloody now.

Death kindly sent us one to review so we ran it before our resident board reviewer: My Mum. Like all women, my mum is always right. So logically, a board review completed by someone that is always right, will also, by implication, be always right. It’s fairly basic. So all boards sent to Writerstailblock HQ are reviewed and examined by My Mum who casts her critical eye over them while we write down exactly what she says.

(NB: It would probably be a good idea to point out that when referring to “pictures” she actually means “board graphics”)

There you go

Is it recording now? It won’t pick anything up off the telly will it?

Right, it’s a lovely shaped board, slightly turned up edges and a lovely grain of the wood. Very smooth and very… it looks very aerodynamic. That’s a big word for a skateboard review isnt it? I was going to say ergonomic but thats not quite the right word is it?

Anyway, it’s a nice colour isn’t it, im now going to turn it over and see what it looks like.

Ooh it’s upside down. There we go. Ok “Deathboots”. It looks like a snowman with his tongue out and “Death” is round the wrong way. Lovely green. I like the green, the lovely aqua green. It’s a nice contrast with the black and the white. Erm I’m not sure if it looks like it’s in a graveyard or not. It looks like its got upside down icecream cones on it.

[pauses & thinks] I cant see it’s got anything to do with boots. There aren’t any boots on there. Maybe there isn’t anything to do with boots.

Boots is his nickname

Ahh so there wouldn’t be any boots on there

Death is the company and Boots is the rider

Aah I see, I didn’t realise that.

Ok so it looks like a fluffy wooly snowman really. And I’m not really sure what he’s supposed to be other than he doesn’t look very happy.

I don’t really know what else I can say

Do you like it? [followed by a long pause while she thinks]

Do I like it? I don’t really understand it.

When I look at the picture, all the other pictures I’ve looked at I can see there’s something that goes with the skateboard but I don’t understand how this picture, it doesn’t collate with the Death and the Boots. If there was a little pair of boots in the corner I could understand it but there isn’t so I don’t understand how it goes

However [pauses before she goes off on a tangent after realising there's something else she doesn't understand] and I don’t really understand the snowman. It could be snowman, it could be a ghost but whatever it is it looks like a wooly one made out of cottonwool

I think it’s a blob

Oh its a blob? Oh alright. Graphics are very good. As I said its a nice contrast with the black and white and it looks as if its in a graveyard but I’m not really sure…

I think it’s a giant blob in a city.

Really? I’ve never seen a city like that…

Have you seen a giant blob?

No, no you’re right, I haven’t seen a giant blob either. When I look at it it reminds me of The Simpsons, of Homer. It’s his eyes I think.

If I was marking it out of 10 I’d give it a 7 because I love the colour of the green and I love the colour of the shape [no idea what she means about the colour of the shape]. The picture I’m not quite sure of and I hope the nice man that sent you it doesn’t mind. It’d get a higher mark if there were boots in there. If it was something to do with boots then I’d say probably a 9. Which is quite good for my marking…

Check out Sam’s new website here for more blobs and Bart Simpson’s with melted heads and for more SPT drawings kindly direct your eyes here to buy one of his expertly designed WTB Mugs. Chase your local skateshop to get in Death boards because they’re tops.


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