Do You Remember The First Time? Albert Gesswein


I think Albert Gesswein might be one of my favourite skaters now. I’ll be honest, up until last week we hadn’t heard of him but that’s probably more our fault than his. Since we saw his welcome to Science Skateboards video we reckon he’s top drawer. He’s got glasses on a string and a triumphant moustache  for starters and as the video below shows he’s also pretty rad, so when we spoke to Science about seeing if he was keen to do an interview we were all giddy with excitement because he said “yes”! And in record time too. He replied in under 24 hours. Which makes things easier for me which is just another reason we like him. Check out his first times, watch the video below and keep an eye out for more Albert related bits and pieces in the not too distant future.

* So Albert, Do You Remember The First Time:

You were aware of skateboarding?

When I was about 9 or 10 when I saw this guy skateboarding in the neighborhood I just moved into. I was pretty much hooked after I saw that guy skateboarding. He taught me how to ollie and then he told me I needed to learn everything else on my own.

You slammed real bad?

It was the grand opening for this park called Capital City Skatepark. I had this janky set up off this 6 ft. drop. There was a 5 ft. quarter that was a movable piece and it had a flat bar set up from the 6 to the 5. I board slid it and that was that. Then I tried to 5-0 it, clipped my feet and flew to the flat on my side knocking me unconscious. I woke up to the owner of the skatepark running up to me and helping me up. He walked me to the front office and I had a bunch of blood leaking from my elbow and my eyebrow. I was super pumped on it because that was the gnarliest thing that had ever happened to me. Im sure there’s footage of it somewhere amongst my friends.

You watched a skate vid?

Probably at that dudes house that taught me how to ollie. I don’t even remember what it was. Tony Hawks Pro Skater just came out around that time so I played that more then I watched actual skateboarding. God that sucks…

You bought your first pro board?

I don’t even remember my first pro board. To be honest I rode hand me downs for so many years that I didn’t really care what board it was, as long as I had a board to ride. The one I can remember that was one of my first pro boards was a Kris Markovich Hollywood board

You got sponsored by someone?

My first sponsor was this shop called Northwest Snowboards. They pretty much raised me man. I got my first brand new board for free from them when I was like 13 or 14 from this dude named Paul. Everyone at the shop pretty much knew me from the skatepark down the street from the park. I walked in one day with one of my awesome kick downs and Paul just started making fun of me because my board was so shitty. So he just grabbed my board from me and said “whenever you need a new board, just come in whenever im working and I’ll hook up” Eventually I just started getting free boards and supporting there stuff alot.

You went on a skate trip?

My first skate trip was up to Seattle with some friends. It was pretty fucking sick, I think it was a night mission, I’m not too sure, it was a really long time ago.

You got into a fight?

I was in 3rd grade and the kid was in 2nd. My two brothers and I were really good friends with these other kids that were pretty much the same age, so we all got along pretty well. One day my brothers egg me and the other kids little brother to just fight. So we did and the kid ended up drop kicking me in the chest, right into a bush. Pretty sick, huh?

You went to see a band?

I’ve never really gone out of my way to see a band play. Its not that I wouldn’t like to see a sick band play or anything, I just don’t want to spend the money. That shit is expensive man!

You got drunk?

I was like 14 or something at my friend Dan’s house. They started feeding me shots of Crown Royal, and I woke up the next morning not knowing where I was. I said I wasn’t drunk that night, but the more I thought about it. Fuck yeah I was.

You wondered how long you’d keep skating for?

I don’t want to know the answer. It really creeps me out for some reason, so I’m just going to keep skating until I can’t. Or I become the old ripper guy at a small town skatepark, and tell all of the kids they will never make it while I drink my 12 rack and have bad Jaundice.

Albert Gesswein Cheers from scnc on Vimeo.


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