UKSA Championships 2011 ft Fastest Trick Edit


We could do a write up telling you everything that went on at this weekends UKSA Championships but to be honest with you I was flat out doing all sorts of other shit so didn’t really see that much. Plus our memory’s rubbish. I can just about remember watching Manhead skate everything like it was no harder than dropping off a curb and I remember drawing a cock on the wall of the shitty pub we were in for the “afterparty”. I also remember a bouncer from the shitty pub coming up to us immediately after the cock drawing to ask if were going to wipe it off or leave. I remember his face when we told him it was a shitty pub anyway then left. Which was approximately five minutes before all hell broke loose and the very same bouncer got kicked in the balls after pinning a skater to the wall by his neck.

Then in the morning I remember the look on the receptionist’s face when everyone walked down to breakfast after 14 drunk welshmen climbed into a lift designed for 8 people and broke it at 3am that morning, resulting in 2 fireengines full of pissed off firemen and a £3000 repair bill.

I’ve seen the edit of all the weekend’s skating though if that helps. It looked rad. And you can look at the pictures Street Beers took. You’ll get the idea. It was one of the mellowest and therefore funnest comps we’ve been to for a long time and the park at Hemel Hempstead is incredible and definitely worth the trip.

Then, once you’ve taken it in you can scroll down for the awesome Writerstailblock First Annual High Speed Trick Edit that you’ve all been waiting for, featuring Gav Coughlan, Ryan Hurt, Alex Dechuna, Nick Remon, Chris Oliver, Daryl Dominguez, Eddie Belvedere and Conhuir Lynn. Filmed by Andy Rayner

Thanks to Rollersnakes for donating the prize money and for everyone that entered. And to Horse for explaining why I was a spastic for not using the speed gun properly. Same time next year yeah?


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