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Following on from our previous interview about “art” we thought it would be a good idea to get in touch with our resident on call artist Mr Sam P Taylor to talk to him about ligers colouring in and various other bits and pieces…

So, how long have you been colouring in for?
My whole life more or less!

Youre at art college right?
I graduated from Camberwell College of Arts (UAL) earlier this year. I did an Art Foundation in Leicester then did a degree in London, so somewhere in there I started to take it seriously.

Our experience of art students is somewhat limited to Skins and taking the piss out of people mincing around Shoreditch but apparently painting goes better with massive cardigans and without socks. Why is that?
Everyone thinks they’re the next Morrissey, something like that. Studying at Camberwell I’ve seen a lot of ankles and girls who dress like grannies.

Who have you worked with?, Science Skateboards, Vice Magazine, Computer Arts, JVC, Death Skateboards, some others here and there.

Whats the best thing youve ever drawn?
Probably the Boston Terrier on my website, it didn’t take very long and it’s one of the few drawings from my first 2 years at uni that I still like.

What are your views on skate art crossing over to “mainstream art”?
I think that’s cool, probably just means more money for skate art, which can’t be bad.

How stoked are you on being our on call artist whenever we have any stupid ideas for shirts?
Pretty stoked. I wish you did coozies, my dream is to do an illustration for coozies. Make it happen!

Have you had any commissions from outside skateboarding?
Yeah, well some of the magazines I’ve worked with and bits and bobs. I’m completely open to any kind of brief so it doesn’t matter to me what the company is. It could be McDonalds or whatever.

Any companies that you want to work with?
Yeah, loads. In skateboarding I’d say Krooked, Anti Hero, Toy Machine and Enjoi. Outside of skateboarding there’s too many to mention, I can work for anyone. Doing a can design for a beer company would be amazing.

Favourite artists/influences?
All my homies and fellow creatives; Kyle Platts, Tom Slater and Dwayne Coleman (Earth Pain represent). I like Johnny Ryan and Chris Johanson as well.

Favourite graphics from any company that you dont ride for?
Enjoi always make me laugh. Toy Machine has rad art direction. I like anything Stefan Marx does, he smashes it. Pontus Alv’s Polar is sick. I can’t really choose specific boards, there’s too many. I like one off graphics mainly though, unless it’s a series that connects and forms one big picture, they’re pretty cool.

Finally, any chance you can draw us Jesus fighting a Liger?
Yeah sure. How’s this?

It’s perfect although they look more like they’re having a cuddle than fighting…

Check out Sam’s Website for updates on his work and then click below to see his recent edit from London’s Mile End Skatepark


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