Do You Remember The First Time? Frank Stephens


We tracked down skating recluse Franklin Stephens and got him to answer these here questions for your entertainment. Read on…

First time you were aware of skateboarding?

I first was aware of skateboarding from the age of about 6 as my big sister had a banana board which I wasn’t allowed to touch but I did.

First Skate video you saw?

The first skate vid I saw was Public Domain, the street bit with Ray Barbee and that, with a bit of Shackle Me Not like Hensley’s bit after was mind blowing.

First Pro board?

My first pro board was an old SMA Rocco III.

First Skateboard hero?

Alex Moul and Frankie Hill did it for me, street as fuck.

First skate trip?

Me and some mates decided we were bored of the first year at Copleston High and decided to go skating in Felixstowe for the day, as always the girls dobbed us in.

First bad slam/injury?

I remember cruising about learning how to push and I hit a stone and fell straight onto my mouth… Ouch.

First booze related mishap?

When I was about 16 I got pissed at some older mates party they thought I was hilarous but in the end they had to carry me home. I kept telling them to throw me over the roofs of the houses and I’d land in my back garden. When they got me home I fell backwards through the door waving them goodbye and scared my little sister.

First album owned?

My first album was probably a copy of some Dinosuar Jnr.

First concert you went to?

Ben Rodriguez took me and Carl Vance to see Slayer at Brixton Acadamy when I was 18.

First fight?

My first fight was probably with my sister Helen, I was pissing her off and was to close to her feet, she booted me in the head and I eye butted a chair arm and got a great shiner from my sis.

First memory?

The thing I alway remember vividly when I think back as far as I can is a taxi pulling up outside my Grandma’s where we living at the time and my little sister being brought in fresh from the hospital. I ran up stairs and for some reason pushed a towel nappie in the loo and flushed it, this rendered the upstairs toilet blocked for about 5years. I was 2 and didn’t realize what I’d done till I was about 13 and neither did anyone else.

First thing you’d do if you knew the end of the world was coming soon?

I think if the end was coming I’d put the kettle on.


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