Ben Raemers: The English Sheckler


As well as being one of my favourite skateboarders Ben Raemers is an exemplary human being and a well renowned nice guy. We love Ben Raemers in a non gay way and you should too, so Powley sat down with him to talk about his favourite things in life, like punching fish, Alan Partridge’s hair and Lee Blackwell. If this brief interview doesn’t convince you of how brilliant Raemers is, I don’t know what will.

The Sequel to This Is England had a smaller budget...

Ben, you must be pretty happy at the moment, things seem to be going pretty well for you?

Yeah things are going the best ever, I am the happiest in the world, listening to Biggie right now with a cup of tea in San Jose ready for the day…

I’ve been keeping up to date with you via your Facebook status updates and notice that (like me) you’re a big InBetweeners fan, have you got a favourite character, episode or quote?

My bestest part would have to be when they go on a field trip and they’re in a boat in the docks, and they catch a fish, so Neil punches it to death.

Also on the subject of TV I understand you’re also a fan of Alan Partridge too, is he a bit of a role model for you?

Yeah man, he’s set in Norwich which is about 50 mins from Ipswich, he just generally cracks me up, got the best sense of humour and best haircut, are you familiar with “knowing me, knowing Yule” with Alan Partridge? If you’re not, then you should be!

A Side Noseblunt? I'm not sure, ask someone else

It seems like you’ve been around forever, were you sponsored at about 6 or something!?

6? I was still learning to talk when I was 6, nah like 12 I think, Munson hooked it up and sorted me out with Panic and Airwalk, those where some good times: Nass seeing a bunch of boozed up messes, laughing, going to Download and seeing you in the morning, and you had pissed yourself whilst piledriving the mosher club!

Oh man that night was out of control, that’s quite a thing for a young boy to see! My earliest memory of you is at Peterborough or somewhere with Carl and Munson giving you hell.  Do you resent them for the grief they gave you or in hindsight do you think it was for your best?

It was definitely for the best! Otherwise I would have been a “chav, drug dealer, gangster, gun shooter” ya naa wat I mean? [laughs] jokes, the abuse makes you realise that you actually are a twat and need to do something. People that can’t take the abuse are H-O-M-O-sexuals.

Another local legend from your neck of the woods is of course the mighty Lee Blackwell.  I know you guys had a love/hate relationship with him, what’s the best Blackwell story that springs to mind?

Ahh man I’ve always loved Blackwell, it’s Munson and Potter that have the love/beef with him, I know this sounds stupid, but I can’t bring myself to write a story, he’s too cool.

You just finished the éS tour right?  Who’s your number one amigo on éS now? Any good tales to share?

Yeah man, I was on it for like three days, as I smacked my hip a good’un and had to go home, I went hospital and there wasn’t any bad damage, just bruising which sucks, especially on the first day, but me, Josh Mathews and Ben Powell are the next big rappers in town, just look out for us, we’re way better than that 50cent.

You’re also just back in the States, do you find it weird that a lot of Americans just don’t get the British sense of humour ?

Yeah man I arrived last night, its 9am now, but yeah, I sometimes think that, but then I realise I’m really not funny, and I’m the mug.

Ben Raemers: Birds love him...

What’s the best thing about being out there?

Just waking up, getting bagels and coffee, then going skating for the day with friends. Just generally being away from Ipswich, I’m over it there, the only reason I go back is to see my mum and some friends, its just nice to be in different places.

Who do you hang out with out there and who’s the funniest guy you’ve met?

I usually hang in San Jose with all the homies out here, it’s a really nice place, lots of stuff to do, and as for the funniest person, would have to say the man who was on the plane yesterday, with a massive white beard, he was just talking to himself, and when the ladies walked past he would turn to me and say “OOOH NOICE ARSE”, not ass, but arse, and he was talking in his sleep something about cats and dogs, quite entertaining stuff, made the journey dooable.

How would you feel if someone described you as the English Sheckler?

I would take them round the corner and give them a big fat kiss.

Ok, the last few questions are taking a confessional theme so please answer honestly:

Ok mate, the truth is my fav.

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

It’s got to be following through on sports day, in white shorts, in front of about 1000 school people, so when the man shot the gun for everyone to run the 800m, I ran right to the changing room, FACT.

What’s the lamest thing you’ve ever done to a girl?

I’m a nice boy.

What’s your biggest fear?

Being stuck in a cage full of gnarly spiders.

Who’s the biggest penis you ever met?

To be honest Powley, it would have to be you. Yours is like a blow up hammer or something.

Ha ha I actually asked who IS the biggest penis, not who ‘has’ the biggest penis but I like your answer so I’ll let it pass.

Sorry man I’m jetlagged so it probably came out shit son.

All Skate Photos courtesy of Jerome. All other photos robbed from Facebook cause Ben wouldnt get back to us with pictures…

Nosegrab TieDye Aerial Manoeuvre


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