Who The Fuck Is Nick Roberts?


Nick Roberts: Frontside Floater photo: Toby Batchelor

Following on from the last hugely successful Who The Fuck Are You? we decided to look into our extensive and exclusive book of people that you should have heard of to bring you Belper’s premier Dank handler and consummate Heathen Minion, Nick Roberts to find out who the fuck he is… So…

Who the fuck are you?

Nick Roberts

How fucking long have you been skating?

7 years

Who the fuck sponsors you?

Heathen Skateboards, Sam at Fallen has just started helping me out with shoes

How the fuck did that come about?

I went for a shred down the my local tin can skatepark in Belper when I was about 12. Ran into Daz (Heathen TM), and I’ve been hanging around with him ever since. After some years he decided to hook me up I guess.

Where the fuck are you from?

A small little town called Belper just outside of Derby.

What the fuck is an Anachronda?

Is a rare endagerd species of spliff/dank that can only be smoked once or twice a year.

How the fuck can you do fakie 360flips to noseblunts?

Bascially go backwards, kick my feet off in some direction and hopefully land in blunt.

What the fuck have you got planned for the next few months?

Try to film a whole street section in winter, Amsterdam trip, nail the elusive fakie 720 filp to blunt.

How fucking long did it take you to film the web video for us?

Not that long, it would of been quicker if the place wasnt heaving with scallys blasting drum and bass out of their mobiles. That spot is pretty gnarly too.

How fucking stoked are you that youre the first person that isnt me to have a Writerstailblock video?

Pretty much the happiest moment of my life, better than Christmas. It may be the highlight of my year.

What the fuck is the best thing about having Daz as your TM?

Getting him stoned, then watching him laugh at his own fingers for three hours.

Video Expertly Filmed Edited Dubbed Scripted Produced and Distributed by Toby Batchelor Esq.


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